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Instructions for the participating students´presentations of their Universities: pechakucha instructions for the students

Materials from the online IUW 2021

On this page we will publish all the materials introduced by key note speakers, lecturers and other participants during the Online International Week in Turku, Finland. 

Monday 19.4.2021

Opening the IUW Turku. Jukka Määttä, Humak UASs´president and CEO

Welcome to Turku Finland Annilotta Silvennoinen and Emma Lasonen, Humak UAS 

Youth Guarantee House- A Finnish Innovation in Youth Work Eeva Sinisalo-Juha, Humak UAS

Tuesday 20.4.2021

Two parallel workshops:

Workshop 1. Home sweet Home? Not for everyone!Fien Van Der Meersch;  Emke Van Gomspel; Amber DeRuyck and Lynn Theunissen, Univeristy College Leuven-Limberg

Workshop 2. Peer work an innovative approach in homelessness services? Andrea Pilgerstorfer, University of Applied Sciences St. Poelten

Two parallel workshops: 

Workshop 1: Urban art as an innovate way in social work. An approach to social needs from students of Social Education Bachelor Degree Eduard Carrera Fossas, University of Girona

Workshop 2: A Sustainable Approach to Unaccompanied Minors in Belgium. Janelle Goffart, Tine Dercon, Aurélie d´Irumberry de Salaberry and Amber Blok. University College Leuven-Limburg


Fieldrip: YMCA Turku. Street mediation, Paula Nurminen, YMCA

Wednesday 21.4.2021

Three parallel lectures:

a) Dr. Jill Davey and Kate Fennell, Edinburgh Napier UniversityHello You. Using letter writing in social work with young people

b) B. Prof. Sara Ashencaen Crabtree& Prof. Jonathan Parker, Bournemouth University: Courage, Compassion, Coercion, and Covid

c) Michal Kozubik, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra: Racism is a Pandemic, too! Critical Social Work Questions the Ethnic Approach in Social Work with the Socially Excluded

Three parallel workshops:

a) Geert Boutsen & Timmy Boutsen, UCLL:Researching the Impact of Youth Work

b) Judith Rodenburg, Hanze (Groningen): Futures Literacy

c) Lenka Motlová, Ingrid Baloun and Barbora Faltová, South Bohemia University: Developing effective communication in social work 

Three parallel workshops:

a) Prof. Dr. Thomas Trenczek, Ernst-Abbe-University of Applied Sciences Jena (EAHJ):The Basic Elements of Conflict Management and Mediation

b) Kathrin Bereiter and Helene Kletzl, University of Applied Sciences Linz, Austria (FH Linz): Digitalization and Social Work from an Intersectional perspective and its implications for Social Work

c) Markéta Bendová, South Bohemia University: Clients´needs after brain damage in a coordinated rehabilitation

Thursday 22.4.2021

Taste of local innovative cases:

Oona Tikkaoja, Humak University of Applied Sciences: Piiloleikki Community Art Onsight Stories

Laura Keihäs, Humak University of Applied Sciences, Art making feeds hope_ Creative Groups with Young Asylum Seekers

Elina Sinivaara, The House for Girls of Turku 22.4.21

Annilotta Silvennoinen and Emma Lasonen, Humak University of Applied Sciences, Kota ry and Adventure Education


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